Traditional Faroese dinner

Miðvágur - 18:30 - 21:00

Have some 20 years of work experience in all levels in the tourism industry, enjoy the company of travelers and storytelling.

📸 all photos by Klara Johannesen



Fried cod, boiled potatoes and onion is one of my favorite lunch/dinner meal I can have. Growing up, fish was on the menu 4 times a week and every Wednesday it was fried cod and has now become my signature dish to serve guests. It is equivalent to Fish & Chips - Faroese style.

The meal is served with a cold local beer.

Traditional Faroese cake and tea/coffee

Children up to 13 years old pay DKK 200,-


My house is centrally situated in the village of Miðvágur, close to the airport on Vágar. Good parking and the bus stop is less than 50 meters from the house.


What a treat!! Everything was more than great.
16/05/2024   Catharina Finin Versteegh

Best meal ever in Faroe Islands
We wanted to taste really authentic local food and we landed in the right place. Sølvi has the cutest home. He welcomed us in the front door just to help us park. We went inside the house to a great smell, cozy place and moody athmosphere, in his original grandparents’ home. The food was amazing, fried fish with onions, potates and rhubarb jam, everything wonderfully cooked and with local beer. The conversation was at the same level as the food, really interesting mixing lots of knowledge of local culture and history with life experiences. For us, really being able to learn details about the culture and the daily lifestyle was a great bonus. Of course, the dessert was very good as well, so we only have good things to say and recommend to everyone that’s thinking of trying this experience, does it as the first thing when landing in the islands. It was a pleasure! We are looking forward to come back again.
03/04/2024   Montse Herrero

Lovely dinner at Solvi’s place
First off, thank you eatlocal for offering this program to eat at a local Faroese's home! This is something I would love to enjoy around the world, what a wonderful idea! I had dinner at Solvi's place with another tourist couple in early February 2024. He was warm, welcoming and open to share about his life T the Faroe Islands and its culture. His fried cod with caramelised onions, potatoes and rhubarb crumble were fantastic. His home too is warm, homey and filled with love and trinkets. Solvi was also very thoughtful about the bus schedules from/to Tórshavn and accommodated for it! Very thoughtful throughout and I hope all the best for Solvi and all he is doing for his community! A must do in Faroe Islands!
17/02/2024   Katherine Chan

Dinner with Solvi on Feb 13
The experience was simply exceptional. The food was excellent (rhubarb jam with the cod 😋) , the welcome and conversation with Solvi was so interesting. We learnt a lot about the Faroese culture, government , history. The sharing was tops. A big thank you to Solvi for making this evening dinner unforgettable. I rated 5 because I suppose it is the highest ranking
14/02/2024   Joan Sabloniere

Great experience!
The food was really tasty and we loved the whole experience and Sølvi's tales about Faroe islands. I highly reccomend it to everyone.
12/01/2024   Amanda De Amicis

Thank you so much for sharing interesting stories and helpful travel tips. Great opportunity to experience Faroese culture, and also the food was amazing!
22/12/2023   Song Lee

Amazing and magical night!
I struggle to find the right words to describe the experience we had on that night at Solvi’s; it was our very first day on the islands and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the holiday/journey on Faroe Islands! Sølvi is amazing host, he welcomed us in his house as friends (even though we arrived earlier, around 18 o’clock) and he made us feel at home since the very first moment, we all knew that it was a thrilling evening, since VisitFaroeIslands’reporter was there to take pictures of the event, but the atmosphere was magical anyway. I remember that when we booked the dinner we couldn’t figure out properly the whole experience, but even though we hadn’t many expectations the whole dinner/evening has been incredibly perfect and wonderful. The food was delicious, tasty and locally sourced, you could taste it from the first bite! Moreover all of us (we were 3 people) loved combination of fried cod, potatoes and rhubarb jam (mind blowing, well done Sølvi!!). But it is not just about the food, the whole experience has been amazing because we sat at one table like “friends” together with Sølvi and 2 super funny and friendly guys Pia and Petri from Finland, we spent all the evening long talking and exchanging ideas, opinions, suggestions on hikes to try on the Islands and of course curiosities on Faroe Islands, foods, habits and Sølvi’s experiences. I really loved the fact that in one moment we were talking different languages at the same table (English, Swedish, Italian, Finnish) and capable to understand each others properly, I think that the common love we share for Faroe Islands and the fact that we were all already super fascinated by the place, the food and the atmosphere that Sølvi had created, played an important role, but if I keep thinking about the right adjective to define that evening, I would definitely go for magical! To conclude I want to thank Sølvi for hosting us and giving us the chance to live such an amazing experience, we couldn’t really ask for a better way to start that journey on the islands (that now we are back home, we can say that has been the best experience of our entire lives). On my side (Alice) I would also like to thank Sølvi for arranging the whole meal keeping in mind my lactose intolerance, so I managed to taste all the plates without any worry (it’s not something to be taken for granted). Thanks so so much, we definitely recommend this experience and we really really hope to come back some days in the future! All the love Alice, Andrea and Nidia
25/09/2023   Alice Garre

Very good
Simple, delicious dinner with a knowledgeable, friendly host!
25/08/2023   Anna Hochkammer

Faroese and friendly
The dinner was very good. Offered plates had been well explained and very tasty. Solvi is a good host: so friendly, he loves his country and he shared with us many tips about Faroe Islans. Warmly recommended.
23/08/2023   Niccolo Battistini

14/08/2023   Gitte Baaring hansen