Dine with locals in the heart of Tórshavn

Tórshavn - 19:00 - 21:00
Rigmor Dam

Your host is Rigmor Dam, who is a historian, and a former teacher, journalist, politician and minister of culture of the Faroe Islands.



Enjoy a cosy Faroese dinner in a private home in Tórshavn.

As a starter, you get a taste of the traditional Faroe Islands with a selection of local specialities.

For the main course, we serve a tasty Faroese dish with either roasted lamb or steamed salmon with vegetables and potatoes.

The event ends with coffee/tea and sweets.

Including water, beer and soda.


The first to order decides the menu for everyone: Roast lamb or steamed salmon. Please state the desired menu when ordering. Other groups can join the meal if there are more seats. You are welcome to check up on dates that are not available in the calendar. No special food-orders. Language: English, Danish and Scandinavian.


Get a sneak peek into the everyday life of a local family. Enjoy a good meal and have a relaxed chat around the table about the country and the Faroese way of life.

Your host is Rigmor Dam, who is a historian and a former teacher, journalist, politician and minister of culture, education and science of the Faroe Islands.

We live in the reddest house in town. Only 3 minutes walk from the bus-terminal and ferry-station Farstøðin with the ferry Norrøna and the airport bus.


Thank you so much for providing us with a perfect introduction to our first visit to the Faroe Islands. We gained a wonderful understanding of the country and its culture. The food was exceptional - even better than ten out of ten. We highly recommend this experience.
11/05/2023   Robert

A Most enjoyable evening
We had the most delightful time meeting our host and her son. They were both charming and so enjoyable to spend time with. We learned so much about the Faroe Islands and meeting residents made our trip that much more educational. The dinner and company was wonderful and would recommend this experience to everyone
27/09/2022   Linda Gottlieb

Delicious and authentic
Thank you very much for a great evening! We popped in your daily life and enjoyed a delicious and traditional meal. It was a pleasure to talk and chat with you troughout the whole evening with all your explanations and stories about the Faroese food, culture and traditions. It will definitely last in our holiday memories :)
20/08/2022   Franziska Mooz

Highlight of the trip!
Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home this evening. I really enjoyed the food, conversations and your hospitality. It's been the highlight of my trip here in the Faroes. Such a fantastic program for culture exchange, I hope you continue to participate in it. ☺️
10/08/2022   Lar