Traditonal cuisine, expirences and home hospitality in the Faroe Islands - eatlocal

My name is Ragnhild and i live in a small village called "Á Signabø". Me and my boyfriend live in a small house, directly to the sea.


I'm serving cooked lamb with roots from the local farmer, faroese potatoes and a delicious homemade cake for dessert. The lamb is cooked with garlic, and onion, and timian. The menu includes beverages, beer/or and softdrinks. Coffe and tea.


Buss number 8 ( drives for free, directly from the buss terminal, to my house. The buss departures at 17.21 from the buss terminal, and arrives at 18.00. Unfortunately there is no buss later back to torshavn, but line 400 does drive to Tórshavn, at 20.40 and I can drive you to the buss. (This buss costs 30 DKK, cash is needed )

Taking a taxi from Tórshavn is also possible, and they cost around 350 DKK, from Tórshavn to Signabø ( 20 minutes ride ).

I do have a sweet little dog. He barks and says "hi" when people come to "his" home. He is very friendly and loves to be around people.