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John & Guðrun

We are John and Guðrun, and we own the farm Niðristova. We have 240 sheep, two horses, four calves, a dog, a cat and two young sons. Recently, we moved into a newly renovated farm house, and now we would love to give travellers a homely, authentic experience.


We serve a tasteful soup cooked on lamb broth and a plate with traditional Faroese food and delicacies from our own farm. We drink tea with milk together with our meals, so that is what we serve you as well. Of course it is also possible to get coffee or the locals' favourite beer – Veðr. (ram)

Half price for children up to 13 years old.


Last year we had five small lambs outside of the house that were bottle fed – they love being cuddled. The oldest wooden church in the Faroe Islands is only 10 seconds from our place, so you can enjoy the view along with a cup of coffee before driving through Hvalvík to get to Saksun.


14/05/2019   Tookie Clothespin

We had a wonderful experience happening upon this cafe after visiting Saksun. Traditional Faroese food with the story behind it and local information. Gudrun was so patient teaching us how to properly pronounce Faroese words and telling us all about the farm and what they do. It was great to also meet her family, who were so nice! The food was delicious. Go and have a true experience and tell your friends!

Great host
15/05/2019   Bjarki á Lag

Guðrun, the hostess, is as original and lovely as they come. As a local I highly recommend a visit.