Dinner Date

Vestmanna - 18:00 - 20:00

With a decade-long career in the industry, I have a profound love for the outdoors and a deep passion for regenerative tourism, focusing on sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and local communities. When I moved to Vestmanna, I noticed many travelers were looking for a cozy place to grab a bite or a warm cup of coffee. This inspired the creation of Heima á Fitjum, where everyone can slow down, enjoy a lovely chat, and treat themselves to something delicious.

Kristina Sundsein


As the day winds down and the sky paints itself in hues of twilight, Heima á Fitjum extends an exclusive invitation to our Dinner Date. Join us at our table for an evening filled with engaging conversation, laughter, and a menu that pays homage to the traditional and modern tastes of the Faroe Islands. Our Dinner Date is an occasional offering, making it all the more special. It's a chance to dine as part of the family, to learn about our culture, and to create lasting memories over meals that are as heartfelt as they are delicious.


At Heima á Fitjum, we value inclusivity and the joy of shared experiences. Our home is vegetarian-friendly, offering delightful vegetarian and pescatarian options that cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs. Visiting Heima á Fitjum is an absolute must for families of all ages. With nature as our backyard, children can freely explore the outdoors while you enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Our space is designed for everyone in the family to join — regardless of age. Come for the food, stay for the company and the unforgettable view. At Heima á Fitjum, every day is an opportunity to make new friends, share stories, and create memories that last a lifetime. We're here to make your days brighter. Join us and start your day the Heima á Fitjum way! If you have any questions or are intereseted in learning more about our home Heima á Fitjum, go to heimaafitjum.com. We’d love for you to join us on our journey! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with news, special events, exclusive offers, and plenty of inspiration!