Ramen 3 Course Dinner

Fuglafjørður - 12:00 - 14:00
Gundur Ellingsgaard Petersen

Local Footballer. Amongs others, a passion for good food. I am exited to welcome you to our home.

Gundur Ellingsgaard


As a 20 year old I decided to try out culinary school. Turns out I found my passion. The menu is Asian inspired. Ingriedents are local and organic when available.

All food is made from scratch.



Homemade bread of the day, garlic naan/cold retard bread/other



Napa cabbage fermented with spicy veggie paste

Main course

Shoyu Ramen

Homemade dashi and chicken stock, shoyu tare, aroma oil, chicken fat, soy marinated eggs, soy braised pork belly, pak choy, bean sprouts and spring onions


Homemade Ice Cream of the day e.x brown butter/triple roasted vanilla ice cream


Beer 30

Speciality beer: 50

Glass of wine: 80

Soda: 30

Arguably best tap water in the world: Free

Recomendation: Ramen combines well with local Pilsner.

Speciality beer selection is everchanging, what I often have on hand: Rodenbach Alexander sour ale, Sæmundur IPA, Guinness


A little History on Ramen:

Ramen is a Japanese adaptation of Chinese wheat noodle soups.[11][12][13][14][15] Beginning in the 1980s, ramen became a Japanese cultural icon and was studied around the world.

Today ramen is one of Japan's most popular foods, There are said to be around 25,000 ramen restaurants in Japan, which increases to an unbelievable 80,000 when you throw in places that serve ramen like eateries.

The soup:

Ramen soup is generally made from chicken or pork, though vegetable and fish stock is also used. This base stock is often combined with dashi stock components such as katsuobushi, shiitake, and kombu (kelp)

What is tare?

Tare is a sauce that is used to flavor the broth. The main purpose of tare is to provide salt to the broth, but tare also usually adds other flavors, such as umami. There are three main kinds of tare.[35]

Shoyu (Soy sauce), miso and shio.

Children up to 5 years: Free

Children up to 13 years: Half price

We offer lunch box.

Adults: 120 kr.

Children: 60 kr.

Including Sandwich and seasonal fruit and stuff on hand.

Ask for kids dinner.


Gjógvarávegur 26, Fuglafjørður

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