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I'm a local resident on Mykines island all year round where I run the Á Lonini guesthouse from 1895. In the evening I operate as a guide where I love to show guests our beautiful island in the sunset.


Between 13.00 and 16.30 you can stop by for a delicious homemade fish soup, and for dessert there is homebaked cake and coffee/tea.


The guesthouse "Á Lonini" from 1895 has gone through a total renovation, withtout loosing its authentic old and cosy feeling.

Oda serves homebaked bons and Fish soup made with cod and the sweet taste of peaches, cream and curry. It is possible to get this soup as a vegetarian soup, just let me know. I have to bake everything myself, because we only get groceries once a week til Mykines island with the boat. I use eggs from the local farmer when I bake cake, bons and bread.

Of course you have to taste delicious fish while on the Faroe Islands as this is our main industry.

The boat departures from Sørvágur at 10.20 o'clock and takes approximately 45 min. The departure from Mykines back to Sørvágur is at 17.05 o'clock. More information can be found on:

Please be sure to purchase your boat ticket on in advance.


Mykines feels like the end of the world.
02/12/2019   Siteng Ma, USA

I really wish I could give this unlimited stars. Mykines feels like the end of the world, and Oda gave us a level of appreciation for it that no other tour guide could have done. Plus, she is an incredible chef as well!! I would 100% prefer the hike we took over a tourist-centric hike to the lighthouse.