Pan fried faroese fish and dessert

Miðvágur - 19:00 - 21:00
Selma & Tórður

We wish to invite travellers to enjoy an authentic intimate Faroese dining experience and meal within our home. Almost once a week I have served this traditional Faroese fish meal at our dinning for 30 years now.

The Faroe Islands locals are known for their Heimablídni which translates to home hospitality.



Between 19.00 and 21.00 you can enjoy an authentic intimate Faroese dining experience and meal within our home. The precise start time may vary, but the event will take about 2 hours. Children up to and including 12 years are half price.

It is a traditional meal that has been served for decades with fresh ingredients from the Faroe Islands nature.

- You will come to our home and we will make the following dishes for you, and it will take about 2 hours:

Pan fried fish

Cooked potatoes

Garlic oil





My name is Selma and my husband’s name is Tórður. We both are Faroese born and live on the island Vágar, which is 5 minutes to the only airport in the Faroe Islands. For a living, I am preschool teacher and Tórður is a sailor/fisherman. People in the Faroe Islands have always lived of what nature provides and eat a lot of fish.

We can accommodate 6-20 persons. If your party is fewer than 12 people, others guests can book on the same date. It is therefore a possibility that you will have our meal with other locals, or tourists.

You can read more about our concept on our website here:

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Delicious dinner in a Faroese home
We had a wonderful evening at Selma’s with home cooked fresh fish traditional style with fried onion which was a new combination for us - one we will try out at home. We learned about faroese life and culture - and songs! Selma was a great host. One of the high lights of our round trip to the beautiful Faroe Islands.
08/07/2021   Jørgen Topp-jørgensen

We had a very nice dinner and fantastic evening at Selma and Tórður place. :)
16/06/2021   Peter and Judith