Fish, Visit & Dine in Hvannasund

Hvannasund - 13:30 - 20:30
Samson & Myrna

Sailing in a traditional Faroese boat is a unique experience. You come close to the sea, the landscapes along the seashore, the wildlife and the mysteries under the water’s surface.



Home-made welcome drink made from local rhubarb.

Starter: Samples of traditional Faroese specialities.

Main course: Oven-baked fish with rice, potatoes, and sauce.

Desert: Home-made Ice-cream with local rhubarb.

The experience

This is an authentic full day experience! You will get an opportunity at sea angling in one of the most beautiful areas in the Faroe Islands. After returning to the marina, you are invited to a local home, where your fish will be part of a wonderful meal.

You sail in a traditional Faroese boat – the utmost of Faroese handicraft. The Faroese boat was the lifeline of the people that settled the beautiful villages that you see along the coastline. With this boat people discovered rich fishing grounds in the area. Now you can follow in their footsteps.

You meet us at the Hvannasund marina. We bring floatation suits, boots and fishing gear, so all you need to bring is a camera! If this your first attempt at fishing, do not worry, sea-angling is easy to learn and fun too!

You sail out from the marina in Hvannasund and follow the eastern shore of Viðoy northwards. The seashore is varied with spectacular gorges and grottoes – perfect for photography.

Of the coast by Viðareiði you cast your fishing line. Encircled by high mountains the area resembles a natural amphitheatre. There are several interesting fishing spots to check out. While some areas are known for Atlantic Cod there are other where you will seek to catch Haddock and Whiting. You may also encounter other interesting species such as the Saithe and the Mackerel – good fighting fish and very tasty too!

Returning towards Hvannasund marina you follow the coastline of Borðoy sailing close by the extinct village of Múli. If you keep a keen eye out, you may be in luck to sea seals and seabirds along the seashore.

Upon returning to the marina of Hvannasund you are invited to the home of Myrna and Kristian. Your catch will be part of a wonderful meal! During the meal Myrna, a teacher by education and also an authorized travel guide, will communicate local culture and cuisine of the Faroe Islands. You will experience the wonderful Faroese hospitality and get a genuine insight into peoples’ lives in the area.


Small group tour:

There can be up to 5 guests on each tour. This tour needs a minimum of 2 adult tickets to depart. By booking 5 tickets you ensure a private tour. By request we can have groups of up to 10 guests in two boats.

Meeting time: Monday and Tuesday 13:30 PM

Meeting point: Hvannasund marina north of the dam.


May to August.


7 hours total. 4 hours’ fishing tour with sightseeing and 3 hours’ local home-dining.


Boat tour, Fishing, Sightseeing and Home-dining.

Difficulty: Easy

Languages: English, Scandinavian and Faroese.


The boat tour with fishing was the highlight.
The boat tour with fishing was the highlight of our holiday in the Faroes. Was truly a great way to experience the nature and learn about the local culture! Highly recommend for visitors to the islands!
27/06/2022   Miles Treacy

Totally worth it
Totally worth it, wonderful experience!
18/07/2020   Zoltán Hidvégi

Excellent experience
Excellent experience. Trustful skipper and excellent guide both for fishing and landscapes. Enjoined a lot. To be definitely recommended.
31/08/2019   Luciano and Elena from Italy

We had a fantastic time. An experience not be missed!
We had a fantastic time. To get out on the water in a traditional Faroese boat was a truly magical experience. And we caught many Cod and Haddock. I highly recommend!
30/08/2019   Thomas & Naila