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Armgarð & Ansgar
Armgarð and Ansgar

Armgarð and Ansgar welcome you into their lovely home, where they will serve you. All meals have the fish as the main element.


Enjoy a delicious sustainable Faroese 4 course fish menu with friends and other guests in the home of Armgarð and Ansgar.

We serve Bruschetta with smoked Faroese salmon or smoked Greenland halibut, Deep-fried cod tongues, tasty oven baked cod recipe served with seasonal vegetables and salad. All beverages is included.

For dessert is coffee and home baked cake with cream.


Suðuroy is a place often overlooked by visitors short on time, and yet, it remains one of the most alluring islands in the archipelago. The Island is isolated in the south, Suðuroy bears the full brunt of the ferocious Atlantic weather; blustery winds, freak storms and raging swells are not uncommon. 

Wild weather aside, with a sheer cliff line shaved along the island’s western face, you can expect dramatic views and hiking trails, while eastern shore offers up spectacular coastal drives as you hop from one seaside village to the next.